About Us

A trusted name in overseas pension transfers into New Zealand, providing assistance, advice and  peace of mind about your future.

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Ranfurly was established by a passionate team of experts driven to provide best in class superannuation services in New Zealand and to help you achieve your retirement goals.


Who We Are

Ranfurly Strategic Limited is the manager of the Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme.  Ranfurly Strategic is the NZ arm of an expanding international financial services group focused on pension mandates, fund of funds and private markets. The directors of Ranfurly Strategic have between them more than 50 years of experience in the global financial services sector. They have worked closely with leading banks, institutional investors and clients to structure and manage over $2 billion of assets across a wide range of financial products and jurisdictions.

The Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme was established by a trust deed dated 14 March 2014, as amended 16 December 2016 and 26 May 2017.  The Trust Deed, along with the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the Statement of Investment Policy & Objectives (SIPO), sets out the rules under which the Scheme operates. These documents along with other useful information about this offer can be found at www.disclose-register.companiesoffice.govt.nz


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How Can We Help

We are always available to help individuals wanting to transfer their personal pension to New Zealand. We can put you in touch with a specialist transfer agent in New Zealand and Australia who will assist you through the process.

For Free Assessment Call +64 3 928 1440