If you are thinking about transferring money from your Overseas Pension fund back to New Zealand, make sure you have all the facts before making your decision.

  • We offer guidance through the pension transfer process.

  • Being closer to your money enables you to keep track of your funds, and provides easier access to your savings.

  • Take control of your investments. Ranfurly offer three different investment options to suit your needs.

  • Zero scheme entry, performance, or transfer fees.

  • Investment options offered in NZD and GBP.

  • Depending on your residency status, because the Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme is a QROPS, UK pension transfer monies may be able to be received tax-free into New Zealand.

  • Because the Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme is a New Zealand registered superannuation scheme, benefits paid from the scheme are tax free.

  • Scheme is registered as a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE), offering tax efficiencies to investors.

  • Your savings are invested with a specialist international investment manager.


Should you move your
pension to New Zealand?

Before you decide to transfer your pension to Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme there are a few things to be aware of and to think about.

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Reasons to Transfer

  • Transferring your assets into New Zealand will make it easier to keep track of your funds - plus it’s generally easier to deal with a local provider.
  • Being closer to your money makes it easier to make strategic alterations to your pension fund in order to benefit from opportunities and respond to the market.
  • The Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme has full transparency at all levels. There are no hidden obligations or undisclosed cost.
  • You know where your pension stand legally giving you future financial security.
  • You can choose which level of investment risk and which currency you want to hold you investments in. Switching is easy and available to members at any time.
  • Ranfurly has worked hard to carefully select an investment manager with a sustained long-term track record.

Potential Risks and Disadvantages

  • Regulatory risk is the risk of future changes to laws, taxes or regulations  that could affect the operation of the Scheme or its investments, or the benefits available to Members.
  • Not all advisers are Authorised Financial Advisers (AFA), which means that some may not have the skills and proper qualifications to provide category one personalised financial advice - contact us if you would like to be put in touch with an AFA.
  • There are few approved NZ QROPS providers, the Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme being an approved scheme. It is important that you check with any NZ QROPS provider to ensure they are properly approved.
  • All investments carry a potential for risk, we cannot eliminate all risk, but through our risk management strategies, will try our best to mitigate the risks. 
  • Before joining the Scheme, you should carefully consider the risks. Your financial adviser can explain the risks in more detail, and tailor advice to suit your needs and objectives.

Next Steps

Talk to a Transfer Specialist who will provide personalised advice on whether it is appropriate to move your overseas pension to the Ranfurly Superannuation Scheme.

If you would like to be put in touch with an Authorised Financial Adviser please give us a call on +64 3 928 1440.