Ranfurly Investment Schemes Announcement

We at Ranfurly are pleased to announce that we are offering two brand new investment options for new and existing members. The Sterling Growth Fund and the New Zealand Dollar Balanced Fund are replacing the Sterling Dollar Fund and the Australian Dollar Cash Fund. These funds have been  available to members to invest from the 28th December 2018.

 The Sterling Growth Fund and New Zealand Dollar Balanced Fund are designed to cater to the specific needs and goals of our members. The objective of the Sterling Growth Fund is to provide capital growth, that generates higher returns with a level of volatility associated with investing predominantly in equity assets. The objective of the New Zealand Dollar Balanced Fund is to balance capital preservation and capital growth, with a level of volatility that generates a positive return with a moderate level of risk associated with investing in a mix of equity, fixed interest and cash. Both funds have a unique allocation of investments and assets that are actively managed to meet their goals and objectives.

The underlying investment manager for these new funds is Baillie Gifford, an award-winning firm, and one of the UK’s largest in dependent investment managements firms. With a philosophy that focuses on growth, Baillie Gifford aim to deliver superior long-term returns that outperforms the market.

To find out more information about either of the new funds, click here to read the Product Disclosure Statement. If you would like to add either fund to your Ranfurly member portfolio, contact us now by filling out an enquiry form, or emailing us at support@ranfurlystrategic.nz.